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How Gayatri mantra helps in balancing Health?

Home Articles How Gayatri mantra helps in balancing Health?
How Gayatri mantra helps in balancing Health?

How Gayatri mantra helps in balancing Health?

  The Gayatri Mantram



Overview of Gayatri Matram                                                                                         

The Auspisios Gayatri Mantra has its signifiance in Bharatiya Mantras (Indian  word or sound that is believed to have a special spiritual power). This gayatri mantra is of Rigveda (The Knowledge of Verses) populerd through " Maharishi Viswamitra" contains of 24 Letters and described in 3 lines .

Gayatri mantra begins with the sound of "OM" . As per Bharatiya (Indian) literature "OM" sound very much related with solar family if anyone can reach there, they can clearly hear "OMKARAM"

In space that means every literature is within "OM'. According to Bharatiya maharshies (Indian teacher of spiritual and mystical knowledge) all vedas(a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India) , upanishads(sit down with), stotras(ode, eulogy or a hymn of praise) has come out of "OM" only. So we can understand Gayatri Mantra how auspisious

and important as head of Bharatiya mantras. Few of the interesting points blessed us by our maharishies are as follows.

Health benefits of Gayatri Mantram

  1.  This is the main and first mantra (a word or sound that is believed to have a special spiritual power) to chant while start of any auspisious spiritual programme. It prepares human mind to keep in condition,fresh and energetic to behave in proper order to lead any thing in life.
  2. OMKARAM is chanted while doing yoga practice also
  3. ''OMKARAM'' purifies the inner positive energy , by that we get positive thoughts to plan life in proper way.
  4. By chanting Gayatri Mantra with concentration (listen yourself while chanting to  get concentration) the impact of mantra on shatchakras fills with positive energy and spiritual energy in all over the body espessially in mind
  5. Contineous prayer of Gayatri Mantra with concentration over a period of time it gives the knowledge of "SHATCHAKRA movement in our body'
  6. Gayatri mantra chanting, gives us good respiration, clears all disorders in chanting and gives us stable breath. gives good positive impact on other prayers.
  7. Chanting Gayatri mantra loudly the listeners are also get positive energy by that they can get self confidence          
  8. Chanting Gayatri Mantra silently within yourself or loudly along with others maitains peace and cool spirits around
  9. Chanting Gayatri mantr gets stengthens   toungue, LIps, back throat vertebra  and also strengthens entire body.chanting in  proper manner the entire body gets good comunication from mind.
  10. By group chanting the layers in atmosphere gets refreshed upto some extent and reverts the same to the group also multiples the power by combine chanting
  11. Gayatri mantra strengthens the nerves system 

Conclusion and procedure to gain health benefits

Now that we understand the important role of Gayatri mantra & how it helps our spiritual life, & also pushes devine elivation and pave the path to lead spiritual life. 

Mainly this Gayatri mantra should be prayed 3 times in a day, that is thrikala sandyavandanam (salutation to Sandhya), also can be chanted by any humanbeing irrespective of gender ,cast, and age but should be chanted after taking bath only.

When chant the Gayatri mantra it should be clearly uttered without any gramatical mistakes. Better to chant Gayatri mantra after taking upadesam (guidance) with any guru(teacher), by that we can follow the guru sampradayam (Tradition) .

In bharatiya vidya vidhan (transcendental knowledge) to get eligibility to chant any mantra it should get blessed through guruparampara (uninterrupted succession of gurus) , by that we can understand the importance of such mantras and also helps us to get positive results to move forward

with guru and Gayatri mata blessings.