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What is Myrrh? And How It Is Beneficial? { Part 3 }

Home Articles What is Myrrh? And How It Is Beneficial? { Part 3 }
What is Myrrh? And How It Is Beneficial? { Part 3 }

What is Myrrh? And How It Is Beneficial? { Part 3 }

Health benefits of Myrrh :

Below are some of the popular health benefits of using myrrh :

Gastrointestinal Disorders :

Human heart and lungs on medical background Human heart and lungs on medical background. 3d illustration Gastrointestinal Disorders cartoon stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Limonene, a monoterpene present in myrrh resin is considered effective to treat cholesterol-containing gall stones. It can also control gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD). Thus, myrrh resin can control heartburn symptoms.

Myrrh essential oil diluted in a pure carrier oil makes an excellent massage oil for sore muscles and joints and when taken internally (must be food grade), it can alleviate headaches and migraines.

Liver Health :

Sick sad liver character. Kawaii liver character. Vector isolated illustration in flat and cartoon style on white background Sick sad liver character. Kawaii liver character. Vector isolated illustration in flat and cartoon style on white background. Liver Health  cartoon stock illustrationsMyrrh can actually detoxify what the liver cannot – particularly, ammonia. When the liver cannot eliminate dangerous substances sufficiently, they build up in the bloodstream. For example, ammonia, a by-product of protein digestion, needs to be converted into urea in the liver and eliminated via the kidneys. Accumulation of ammonia in the blood, called hyper-ammonaemia, is toxic to nerves and can lead to a weakening of brain functions known as hepatic encephalopathy. Excessive ammonia is most dangerous because it worsens the over-production of nitrogen and oxygen free radicals.

Combats Stress :

Myrrh essential oil is frequently used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and calm stress. The scent of myrrh on its own is strong, sweet, and somewhat bitter, and earthy. It's often blended with other oils, especially citrus ones, for a less overpowering fragrance.

You can use it for stress by adding it to bathwater, using it in a diffuser, and simply diluting and applying it to your skin. You can also try a cup of one of these calming herbal teas.

Prevent Diabetes :

Diabetes control and healthcare concept Diabetes control and healthcare concept. Young woman cartoon character sitting and using digital glaucometer at home with finger for blood state control vector illustration Diabetes  cartoon stock illustrations

The chromium supplement to individuals who have a higher risk to develop diabetes, as deficiency of chromium has a co-relation with diabetes prevalence. Myrrh has a sufficient amount of chromium in it and may be effective to prevent diabetes. 

Lower back pain :

Back pain becomes a common pain symptom due to improper postural issues, or strenuous physical activity. Instead of using frequent synthetic analgesic medication, Myrrh extract is an effective alternative treatment for lower back pain. 400 mg of Myrrh extract is effective to deal with the condition.

Nail Fungus :

Prepare an herbal preparation by including 1 drop of Oregano oil, 2 drops of Myrrh, and 4 drops of Melaleuca and Lavender oil. Apply this combination therapy on around the nail bed and on the top of the nail twice a day until the infection decreased.

Infection Control :

Myrrh consists of a good amount of Curzerene and sesquiterpenoids which have antibacterial, antifungal, and anesthetic property, which protects against infection.

Good for gum health :

The anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh oil may help treat gingivitis, though more research is needed. Myrrh-containing mouthwashes promote the healing of oral wounds. It is also recommended not to use myrrh-based products for more than two weeks at a time or in large doses, as the extract could end up damaging tissue.

Help fight germs :

Myrrh is mostly used as an antiviral and antibiotic. It helps to encourage white blood cells to help your immune system fight infections and additionally has direct antimicrobial effects. It is commonly used for dealing with the common cold, respiratory infections, sore throat, ear infections, and swollen lymph nodes.

Relieve pain :

Myrrh has been used to treat pain, but research done within the past couple of decades has sought to explain why it works. Water extract made from both resins inhibited a specific neurotransmitter in mice responsible for causing pain, while yet another study conducted on mice with chronic pain found that myrrh has the potential to help patients struggling with neuropathic pain. 

Aids Upper Respiratory System :

Bacteria and Fungi into respiratory of human from breathe. Bacteria and Fungi into respiratory of human from breathe. Illustration about air pollution. Respiratory System cartoon stock illustrationsMyrrh has long been used for upper respiratory infections. It is sometimes indicated for bronchitis, colds, and asthma when specific symptoms are present. Energetically, myrrh is a warming and drying herb. This makes it most helpful when congestion and excess mucus are a problem. A different herb should be used for dryness in the respiratory system.

Reduce Headache :

Extract of Myrrh consists of a good amount of bioactive phytochemical furanodienes which has the strength to ease a headache. Myrrh helps to reduce the pain score of the subjects with a headache. A minimum dose of Myrrh is quite effective to manage headache