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Good Health through Gardening

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Good Health through Gardening

Good Health through Gardening

Physical Exercise is required to keep the body and mind fit. Exercise may be of any manner like morning jogging, Doing Physical exercise is very important, nowadays living style is made easy with the provided facilities of technology like washing, cooking, grinding in kitchen and transportation is completely linked with technology. so we have to find ways for doing some physical work. In this connection let us observe the benefits of GARDENING here.

Gardening is usually done on open land on our premises within the compound, or else on the balcony of the apartment flat. There are many proven health benefits and uses for well-being also. Gardening reduces anger, stress, depression, and more, while doing Gardening work our respiratory system is also get improved. Thus Gardening improves our daily life.


Gardening is involved light physical activity which is good for those who suffer from physical complaints they get relaxation after doing the gardening work, it prevents us from so many health complaints and especially for heart complaints. When you do this work morning you get more oxygen to breathe, greenery is also good for sight. Few feel that gardening is an incredible way of getting some light exercise for both mind and body.


Regular gardening improves your strength, endurance, and flexibility. It exercises whole body from head to toe. As gardening is low resistance exercise can do wonders for your back muscles as they are constantly involved in the gardening they get easily strengthened Digging, and laying hedge-clippings are great workouts for triceps and biceps to the core muscles. As you stretch while gardening activities like shifting soil and watering will strengthen the hand muscles. Starting a mover is a good workout for the abdominal and core muscles. 


Gardening is the combination of activities like digging, laying plants, watering plants, operating a mover on the lawn, raking leaves, and weeding burs some calories depend on age height, and weight. Gardening is a fantastic workout without knowing that you are doing physical exercise, which is as same as playing shuttle, badminton, or jogging. Gardening burns calories and at the same time gives happiness and joy. Working in nature is always a better option than burning calories without any stress. 


The food like fruits and vegetables getting from your garden growing with your efforts gives ultimate satisfaction and joy ( whether you consume or distribute others ) you feel proud by growing and distributing others, which fetch peace of mind, another important help is your body gets sunlight, morning sunlight contains Vitamin "D" is good for the skin. When you do a workout your body automatically sweats out, this is required for the body, to keep the body and mind fresh and fit.

Working in nature is nothing but honoring nature. nature is another form of almighty, you are moving along with god for some time with joy and happiness, and in return, you have good health and satisfaction, in this angle, you can observe spirituality. Spirituality is lying in all good habits, when you share your farm products with others is one kind of donation, so without knowing you are in spiritual life.